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International Major - Modular Drill Rigs

Concept for smaller, modular offshore rigs becomes reality: A business demand by a major international E&P company to bring down rig deployment costs and increase speed-to-production presented just the kind of challenge that William Jacob Management is known for. Working with a major Gulf Coast rig manufacturer, William Jacob Management engineers developed a design strategy that distributes primary components and systems among a set of uniform modules small enough to be transported by the oil company's service fleet and lifted by platform cranes. To ensure fast, efficient startup and maximum reliability, the team put extra emphasis on the integrity and reliability of interconnects between modules.



International Major Modular Drill Rig

William Jacob Management was contracted in 2012 to provided fast-track Design and design services for two platform drilling rigs. The platforms will be used for operations in the Bay of Campeche Ayatsil field.


William Jacob Management successfully completed the design work for the two 3,000HP Modular Drilling Rigs to our client in 2Q 2014. The platforms have an eight-leg jacket and deck, weighing about 11,650 tonnes for installation in waters 377 feet deep and will be used for offshore drilling and production.


Ayatsil is a heavy oil field located in the waters of the Campeche Sound, near the massive producer Cantarell. It is expected to boost production for Mexico by 150,000 bopd. Reserve estimates for Ayatsil put the size of the field at 553 MMbo which is the largest discovery for Pemex in both on and offshore operations.

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Pemex Ayatsil Production Facility

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