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SSP Plus - Flotel

William Jacob Management assisted SSP in developing the SSP+ round floater concept.  We worked with SSP on the initial concept development and provided assistance to them as they moved the SSP Plus from concept to design, construction and operation.




WJM Scope of Work


Satellite Services Platforms (SSP) Offshore Inc. designed for ultimate safety and performance the SSP & SSP Plus product line which offers a safer and more flexible floating platform for FPSO and FDPSO applications. The unit’s patented hull design facilitates dry-tree or wet-tree field development solutions, thereby enabling hybrid applications such as combined storage and drilling capacity.


The patent-pending SSP Plus floater extends the benefits of the original SSP 320 with improved pitch/roll and heave resistance, an increased storage capacity of 1.6 million bbls and the ability to accommodate drilling marine risers and dry tree solutions. 

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