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Superior - Endeavour Scope of Work

William Jacob Management performed a conversion of a 30 year old supply vessel into a state-of-the-art dive vessel.



Project Name

Superior “Endeavour”


Superior Offshore International / Schaeffer Diving Company, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Project Type

Diving Support Vessel

Start Date

2006 - 2007

Project Description

Retrofit and Conversion of a 30-Year in service Ship to a “State of the Art” Diving Vessel.

Scope of Work

Two Decompression Chamber additions.


New Power Generator addition.


Utilities to support conversion.



Firewater / Safety Systems upgrade.


Vendor FAT and Ship’s System Interface.


DNV submittal on client’s behalf.


Cranes recertification.


Modified Fuel System.

Project Manager

Trevor Smith and Gordon Gamble



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