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SSP Plus -Monopod Scope of Work

SSP Offshore has designed for ultimate safety and performance the SSP & SSP Plus product line which offers a safer and more flexible floating platform for FPSO and FDPSO applications. The unit’s patented hull design facilitates dry-tree or wet-tree field development solutions, thereby enabling hybrid applications such as combined storage and drilling capacity.

WJM lends assistance to SSP to develop new concept FDPSO




Satellite Services Platforms (SSP) Offshore Inc.

Install Location

Offshore Brazil

Start Date

June 2009

Completion Date


Project Description

Floating platform for FPSO and FDPSO applications

Scope of Work

William Jacob Management is assisting Satellite Services Platforms (SSP) Offshore Inc. in developing the SSP+ round floater concept. WJM worked with SSP on the initial concept development. WJM’s efforts were focused in the following areas:


Custom-fit drilling layout and operations to suit potential client well scenarios


Review size of rig requirements and integration with topside facilities and hull systems


Provisional rig tubular load parameters and combinations


Assist with the dry tree option and early development


Assist with the concept of using Cameron’s Emergency Safe Guard (ESG) technology for disconnection and recovery of the drilling riser


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Project Manager

Trevor Smith



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