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Major NOC/IOC - Arctic Land Drilling Rig Scope of Work

In 2013, William Jacob Management was awarded a contract to provide FEED services on an arctic drill rig for an undisclosed major NOC/IOC consortium to be used in Russia.



ExxonMobil Sakhalin II


In 3Q 2013, William Jacob Management was awarded a "fast-track" contract by a major drilling contractor to provide Front End-Design and Design services for an Arctic Land Drilling Rig that will be installed in an undisclosed arctic island for an undisclosed major NOC/IOC consortium.


The drill rig is a modular design to facilitate timely movement between locations, and will consist of three basic module components: Drilling Module (DM), Drilling Support Module (DSM), and Pipe Barn Module (PBM). These components will accommodate existing infrastructure, utilities, well equipment, well consumables and fluids, as well as, fuel and third party services which are outside the modules (PBM). The load and sizing constraints for the modules will be optimized from the current configuration during the initial FEED optimization phase.


William Jacob Management had Design and design responsibility for the Drilling Support Module (DSM) as well as the piping, electrical and HVAC for the entire rig including the Derrick Equipment Set (DES) and the Pipe Barn (PBM). 


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