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Winterization Analysis and Design

Spartan 151 WJM WinterizationWilliam Jacob Management used the method of Winterization on the Spartan 151 jackup drilling rig in preparation for work in the Kitchen Lights, a Furie Operating Alaska project in the Cook Inlet, Alaska.


Winterizing a drilling rig is an engineered procedure to isolate the drilling rig from the surrounding environment, by means of a protective layer. The protective layer or barrier may be constructed of tarps or metallic. Once the barrier is in place on the drilling rig, the weather is blocked from a direct penetration. The barrier eliminates the “Blow through” on the rig and it’s components.

The winterization also provides isolation from the weather for the workers and rig components, to protect them from hampered performance due to inclimate weather. If the barrier alone does not provide the working environment the rig requires for safe operations, additional heating can be accomplished by adding heaters to provide additional heat.


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