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Houston-based Engineering & Project Management Firm Marks 10th Anniversary with another Breakthrough Innovation


Houston, TX – July 24, 2014 – William Jacob Management, Inc. (WJM) has just introduced a game-changing Modular Offshore Drilling Rig design that slashes deployment costs and dramatically improves speed-to-market for upstream operations. The revolutionary Modular Offshore Rig Facility (MORF) is a copyrighted design for a 3,000 hp modular drilling facility. Our MORF is the FIRST OF ITS KIND in size and configuration; as well as, a first for the Gulf of Mexico.


Developed initially for a national oil company with a major presence in the Gulf of Mexico, the design program was driven by the client’s demand for improved cost performance across its offshore operations. In order to make a big impact, the design team opted to think small.


“Our team of design engineers deliberately downsized the individual modules so they could function like a set of interlocking building blocks and be lifted in-place by “leapfrog” cranes, explains VP of Drilling Facilities Engineering, Trevor Smith. “This solution enables the modular rig to be configured for drilling and integrated production below, while providing significant cost savings in deployment.”


The rig has two main modules: the Drilling Equipment Set (DES) and the Drilling Support Module (DSM). The DES has the capacity to access 15 wells arranged in a 3 x 5 matrix and is capable of drilling wells up to 25,000 feet. The DSM is equipped with a pair of rig cranes that streamline installation. Thanks to their compact size, the modules can be delivered using the client’s service fleet, and then assembled using a combination of crane systems. The blocks containing the cranes are installed using a temporary “leapfrog” crane package.  Once the rig cranes are operational the installation is then completed using the rig’s own cranes. This strategy effectively eliminated the need to contract a costly lift barge. With the expense and shortage in large derrick barges throughout the industry, this opens up opportunities to many WJM clients to reduce costs in their offshore developments.


“WJM set out to create not just a drilling unit, but also a strategic asset,” says WJM President, Michael Duffy. “The design of modules and interconnects provides flexibility for a wide range of environments – and enables efficient decommissioning and redeployment for the next opportunity. We are extremely pleased to be able to make this propriety design available to the industry.”

About William Jacob Management
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, William Jacob Management, Inc. is an independently owned, Engineering and Project Management services firm. WJM provides full lifecycle support for the most demanding and complex capital projects in the energy industry, and is recognized for its elite-level proficiency in interfacing drilling and production facilities. With a multinational workforce and over 375 collective years of executive experience, William Jacob Management offers comprehensive capabilities and world-class expertise in:  Engineering, Project Management, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning / Startup, Operations, Maintenance and Regulatory Compliance.



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